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Word Power Made Easy English Vocabulary 18 February 2019

S No. Word-Meaning

Meaning:  to cause suffering to
Synonyms: expel, molest
Antonyms: aid, assist

2 REPUDIATE- परित्याग करना
Meaning: to refuse to recognize as true or to cast off
Synonyms: abandon, disown
Antonyms: accept, allow
3 PITIABLE:- कारुणिक
Meaning: deserving pity
Synonyms: pathetic, cheap
Antonyms: rich, comfortable
4 UNMITIGATED:- अबाधित
Meaning: Being downright utter
Synonyms: sheer, unqualified
Antonyms: mixed, imperfect
5 EXPEND:- व्यय
Meaning:  to use up (as in energy or money)
Synonyms: finish, consume
Antonyms: gather, collect
6 ABYSMAL:- अति-गहन
Meaning: Extremely bad
Synonyms: awful, pathetic
Antonyms: good, excellent
7 ALLUDE:- प्रसंगवश उल्लेख करना
Meaning: To make a secretive mention of something
Synonyms: advert, refer
Antonyms: direct
8 FEROCITY:- क्रूरता
Meaning: viciousness or violence
Synonyms: cruelty, violence
Antonyms: love, kindness
9 COMPLACENT:- आत्मसंतुष्ट
Meaning: satisfied, with no desire to change or improve
Synonyms: confident, satisfied
Antonyms: discontent, unsure
10 CLOUT:- ताकत
Meaning: special advantage or power
Synonyms: influence, advantage
Antonyms: disadvantage

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