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Important Vocabulary 3 15 January 2019

S No. Word-Meaning

Meaning: without money, food, a home, or possessions
Synonyms: needy, poor
Antonyms: affluent, rich

2 POMPOUS-विभवयुक्त
Meaning: too serious and full of importance
Synonyms: arrogant, boastful
Antonyms: modest, humble
Meaning: extremely brave and showing no fear of dangerous situations
Synonyms: courageous, fearless
Antonyms: afraid, cowardly
4 CHASTISE-विनय करना
Meaning: to criticize someone severely
Synonyms: punish, beat
Antonyms: praise, laud
5 ABJECT-हतोत्साह
Meaning: the state of being extremely unhappy, poor, unsuccessful, etc.
Synonyms: wretched, dejected
Antonyms: excellent, noble
6 DIABOLICAL-द्वेषपूर्ण
Meaning: showing cunning or ingenuity or wickedness
Synonyms: evil, wicked
Antonyms: gentle, kind
Meaning: (of a person or their behaviour) slightly dishonest, or not speaking the complete truth.
Synonyms: dishonest, unfair
Antonyms: ingenious, honest
8 MANIFEST-प्रत्यक्ष
Meaning: to show something clearly, through signs or actions
Synonyms: open, bold
Antonyms: hidden, unclear
9 PIQUE-मनमुटाव
Meaning: a feeling of anger, especially caused by someone damaging your feeling of being proud of yourself.
Synonyms: angry, hatred
Antonyms: like, love
10 BLEAK-निष्कपट
Meaning: Not welcoming or attractive
Synonyms: grim, dreary
Antonyms: bright, cheerful

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